This article is the first that I made in English. If many words are wrong, then please understandable because I am still learning. Hehe ..

When I try to write articles in English, perhaps many have questioned why I am doing this. The answer is because I want to learn write in English good and right.

So remember the old saying: “Better late than never”

Although at this time I have to write in English, but I still write with the help of Google Translate.

In my opinion, writing in English is similar to a baby learning to walk. Many of the processes that must be done in order to be perfect.

Life is the full process. If we do not want to do the process, then life would be futile. Therefore, it is never too late for a process and also to try something new.

Hopefully, my first article in English will be the beginning of the writings of another English language on my personal blog. Ha, ha.

Who knows someday writing my English can take me to a place far away. amen

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