WordPress-updateSetelah lama tidak membuka dashboard stephanuschristiono.com, akhirnya hari ini saya mencoba membuka halaman admin blog saya ini. Ternyata saya mendapat hadiah dari WordPress berupa WordPress Update. hehe.. kali ini wordpress telah resmi merilis WordPress 3.7 pada tanggal 24 Oktober 2013 dengan code name Count Basie

Apa saja yang baru dari wordpress 3.7 ??

Berikut ini penjelasan dari situs resmi wordpress :


You might not notice a thing, and we’re okay with that.

  • Background Updates
    • Automatic updates for maintenance and security updates.
    • Daily updates for developers using nightly builds.
  • Stronger Password Meter
    • New password meter to encourage users to choose stronger passwords.
  • Improved Search
    • More relevant search results.
  • Better Global Support
    • Localized versions will receive faster and more complete translations.
    • Background updates will include translations

Under The Hood


  • Optional filters for background updates, to allow for fine-grained control
  • Advanced Date Queries for posts now includes date ranges, older/newer than options, and more
  • Multisite now has wp_get_sites() to list all sites on the network


  • Make shift + click selection of checkboxes work in both directions
  • Add RTL body classes to iFrames in the back-end
  • Actually limit password-protected post passwords to the 20-character limit
  • Display an error message when logging in with cookies disabled
  • Fix issue with failed searches reverting to previous search criteria
  • Fix bad styling when bulk actions are disabled for custom post types


  • Add the image file size information in the attachment editing screen
  • Fix issue with orderby attribute getting removed from updated  galery shortcodes
  • Stop linking to non-public post types from media screens


  • Add commenter IP address on the Edit Comment screen
  • Remove generated avatars from comment moderation screens
  • Make email recipients filterable in wp_notify_moderator()
  • Add ability to filter comment screen by post type


  • Only show a custom header image preview when an image is actually set
  • Display Customizer control descriptions
  • Enable the Customizer to load the home URL


  • Fix plugin search errors related to PHP 5.4


  • Ensure that the user_activation_key is hashed in the database
  • Trim leading and trailing spaces from passwords when saving
  • Streamline the behavior of the default password nag after login


  • Make list table row actions keyboard accessible
  • Fix issue with a broken “Close” button on refresh in the Customizer
  • Improve default color contrast ratios in the default themes
  • After a post is updated, only focus the “Title” field if it’s empty

Bug Fixes

  • Fix terms with a post count of 0 returning if ‘hide_empty’ is true.
  • Fix allowing https URL enclosures
  • Fixed bug with is_day by checking bad dates and redirect, instead of 404ing.
  • Avoid using the *_exists() functionality on ncFTPd servers
  • Allow a WP_Error return from register_new_user()
  • Hide the custom header image preview unless an image is set
  • Add signup_id primary key to $wpdb->signups
  • Fix issue with deleting terms shared across taxonomies from deleting associated nav menus
  • Cast $labels to array in get_taxonomy_labels() and _get_custom_object_labels() to avoid failure
  • Correct rewrite tag for hierarchical post types without a query_var.




What’s New


Actions & Filters



External Libraries

  • zxcvbn (password strength meter)



  • EP_ALL_ARCHIVES [24812]

Demikian informasi mengenai Wordpres 3.7, update terbaru dari wordpress. Bagi yang belum update, silahkan update.. hehe..

Penting :

Pastikan koneksi internet anda lancar ketika akan melakukan wordpress Update,
Jangan lupa lakukan backup terlebih dahulu sebelum update

Selamat menikmati WordPress 3.7